Google charging smartphone companies for using it’s mobile applications

Google, the technology industry giant, is planning to charge the manufacturers of smartphones that use Google applications on their devices in Europe.

“Reuters” quoted Google as saying that the decision to impose fees is in line with the EU decision in July anti-Monopoly, under which a €4.3 billion fine was imposed on Google for violating anti-monopoly laws.

As of October 29, the new models of smartphones, which use Google’s services such as “Google Play” and applications such as “G-mail”, “YouTube” and “Google Maps”, will be charged, according to the group of companies .

It is expected that the smart phone manufacturers can add a Google search engine and the Internet browser Chrome for free or install any alternative applications.

It is noteworthy that the European authorities have set a deadline for Google next weekend to stop forcing manufacturers to install a search engine Google and the Internet browser Chrome If they want to use the Android system.

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