Google conference : search and translation statistics

Google began its annual conference to reveal its new products by talking about celebrating 20 years since the launch of its search engine before becoming a giant company as one of the most important technology companies in the world undisputedly, the company talked about some of the statistics that make them the most important companies in the service of Users.

The company said in its conference that the search engine provides users with about 17.5 million searches every 0.6 seconds, which shows the size of the huge data provided by the company and everyone can access them.

On the same side, Google’s daily services to users do not end on search, saying that the translation service provides more than 100 million words on a daily basis.

The company spoke of its artificial intelligence services with its equipment, which makes it distinctive.

The company will show a Pixel Slate tablet, Pixel 3 phones, and a new Google Home device, at a conference running in the mean time.

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