Google Pixel phones will supports the use of an external microphone

A new feature will be added by Google for Pixel phones known for the quality of its images and videos that the company seeks to provide improved technologies.

An employee in the application engineering department at Google said that the company is working to support the hypothetical application with pixel phones feature allows the use of an additional microphone when capturing video, Thus ending the problem of sound and providing a new experience for as long as required by pixel users.

This is not the first chance that Pixels have the support of an external microphone for their cameras.

Other third-party applications for camera have already provided this, but the presence of the property in the default application is good, gives users a better experience in terms of quality and facilitates content creation for those whom concerned.

the new feature will be on the 18th of this month, when Google will launch new pixel phones, where the external microphone will work via the USB port type C in the new versions or through the entry of the speaker in the previous versions, which google will find A solution to it, mostly through a Dongle.

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