Gudauri resort One place combines bright sun and ice hells

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Have you ever imagined taking a break from your work to spend in a place that combines the coolness and purity of snow, the warmth and heat of the sun? Do you want to try ice skating under warm sunshine?


In the Georgian resort of Edgara, located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountain in northern Turkey, overlooking the Black Sea, it is one of the most luxurious tourist areas of its charming nature and quality of hotels.

This unique resort, Gudauri, has taken advantage of the picturesque nature of the region, although it is a semi-tropical region, but the snow covers its mountain peaks during the seasonal period from November to April. The resort opened two years ago, And gained great fame because of the wonderful nature of the area.

The Gudauri Resort or Goddze Resort – as the locals call it – opened two years ago, but it has revived the economy of Adjara, provided dozens of jobs and is the tourist destination in the entire Black Sea region.

“This climate is a great advantage of the resort,” said Zurab Churkvidz, the resort’s director. “Sometimes during the snow-capped peak of the mountains, you can enjoy a sunbathing on the Black Sea coast and then go skiing the next day, Sponsored by the resort.

The thick ice layer, which often reaches 6 meters, is a great attraction for skiers. The ski slopes at the Godory or Goddze ski resort are 8 kilometers long and are large enough to accommodate skiers of all levels.


The resort offers many other services besides skating and sunbathing, but is famous for its unique climatic feature. It is suitable for all climatic climates who prefer the heat of the sun by the seashore, will find it there, and want to spend time skiing without fear of exposure. The weather is mild despite the thick snow cover.


Resort officials promote it through social networking sites and offer stunning images of the charming area. We show you some of them:

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