Henda Ayari publishes a new book on Tariq Ramadan’s illegal relations

Henda Ayari, who accused the Islamic lecturer, Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna, issued a new book entitled «Forever Untouchable .. Forever Veiled» «Plus Jamais Voilée.. plus Jamais Violée», descries the relation between herself and The well-known Islamic preacher in Europe.

She said he represents what she called “modern Islam” and exposed his illegal relations with night girls who practice prostitution in the French capital, Paris.

In her book, Henda Ayari revealed how she met Tariq Ramadan, and how did her river when she decided to take off her hijab? , and that she spoke with him through «Skype» and asked him on the issue of taking off the hijab, in order to get a job and allowed her to do so, and compared his position refusing to remove the veil at first, and then agreed to take it off, She felt someone else was talking to her, asked him to talk to her via video, and then arranged a date to meet her at a Paris hotel, when she was raped.

Henda Ayari revealed that Mari, the second victim of Tariq Ramadan, was engaged in prostitution and that Ramadan threatened to kill her after he raped her if she spoke about what happened.

In her new book, Henda said: “The French police raided her door late at night, when she heard gunfire shooting near her house, believing she could have been attacked by the Brotherhood in France.” In the book, 150 pages of the average pieces, the fact that the Salafi and Muslim groups from its point of view, pointing out that it was established to control women in the first place and make them something unqualified.

She said that the goal sought by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists is not to serve religion, but to control woman by her husband who Always tries to impose his opinion on them.

She said that her mother hit her in a horrible way, burned her, and drove her out of the house at the age of 9, which caused her psychological problems.

Henda Ayari was born in Normandy, Rouen, near the French-British border.

in her first book, she revealed her relationship with Tariq Ramadan, while the new book differs completely from the first, where she observed her relationship with him and the different stages of the development of that relationship, and details of the relationship of Ramadan with the night girls in Paris.

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