Hitler’s special Jewel found at the bottom of a lake in Austria

Written on the silver gem Hitler’s name and his date of birth 20 April 1889 and inscribed with the skull at the top.

Gerhard Saunr which combines Nazi Reminiscences old things, found Adolf Hitler ring at the bottom of Lake Toblic in Austria. According to him saying : “I have been looking for the ring more than 60 years”.

The Daily Star reported that the silver gem emblazoned with the name of Hitler and in the internal date of birth April 20, 1889 and the inscription at the top skull.

According to Sauner, the ring of Hitler’s is from stolen collection, spread throughout Europe.

Saunr chock in 1959 at Lake Toblic with his friends, and found there fake 72 million pounds in the currency of British dating back to the Nazi era. He did not stop at this. His collection contains Nazi memorabilia and signs, weapons and explosives used during World War II.

Sauner opened his own museum to preserve his discoveries.

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