How did an American island disappeared completely?

The disappearance of an island in the modern world is one of the most difficult things to happen, especially after the spread of many monitoring devices and radars, but nature reveals every day about its creations and oddity that no man can defy, yes this time nature swallowed a whole island without monitoring its satellites, To make man see that he is incapable of understanding the whole of nature and the vast universe, here we are talking about the disappearance of an entire island.

Why East Island disappeared?.

American research agencies have announced that a phenomenon that has not been explained, namely the disappearance of an island called East Lapland, this island located in the United States of America, which is one of eight basic islands, and the disappearance of the island to a strong hurricane hit the area, and after the end of the hurricane disappeared The island was completely swallowed, but the fact is that the water level has risen and flooded the whole island.

The Crushing hurricane
The hurricane, called the “Walaka”, is the most powerful hurricane ever, as it destroyed the green and the dry, and wiped out some areas, including the disappearance of the island of East Lapland, after reaching the wind speed of 257 km per hour, until the cyclone was classified as Category V.

Island landmarks
The island of the Hawaiian Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean (in the State of Hawaii), was expected to gradually fade away at intervals, after rising sea level of water around it, inhabited by the hermit seals, endangered animals, only to find a safe home for them. Sea Island, the island was also home to the green turtles, which was home to breed for this species.
Scientists and researchers have decided that the island is a natural reserve for marine animals.

The disappearance of an island has had a difficult impact on scientists and researchers, especially since they spotted the area after the end of the hurricane and found the island not present, but it has no effect, what shocked them, but according to the British Daily Mail, they found-a few days later-a spot of sand and gravel appearing to spoil the remains of an island Vanished in the blink of an eye.

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