How did Russia sell Alaska to America?

For more than 150 years, the Russians have written by themselves the end of their strenuous efforts, which have long hoped to expand their Pacific coastline in North America, with a simple decision then to sell Alaska to the United States.

Alaska is Russian
In 1725, the Russians were fully convinced of the importance of the land of Alaska for them. The former emperor of Russia, Peter the Great, sent the Danish explorer Phytos Bering to explore the coast of Alaska, where it was confirmed as an area rich in natural resources and uninhabited.

At this time, the United States saw large movements towards the West, so the Americans found themselves in fierce competition with Russian explorers and traders, which developed greatly by the 1800s, with Russia’s lack of financial resources to be able to exist along the Pacific coast in North America, and before Its defeat in the Crimean War by the middle of the 19th century. All these events seem to have facilitated Russia’s decision to sell, which they seem to still regret.

Alaska is American
In 1859, Russia, on its own initiative, offered Alaska to the United States to buy it, believing that the US occupation of that land, a few gains and the population at the time, would save it from the headache of confronting the stubborn opponent, Great Britain, on the land of Alaska. Expected, the US did not take advantage of the tempting Russian offer quickly, but waited for about 8 full years, until finally in 1867 bought Alaska, for only 7.2 million dollars! To pass the ownership of land to the United States, and the Russian presence in North America has ended since then.

Over the next three decades, the ultimate importance of the land of Alaska has not clearly shown, either to the buyer of the United States or to the seller of Russia. Until the discovery of gold-rich mines in 1896, Alaska became the gateway to the fields of this yellow metal for years, Especially before the outbreak of World War II, before it was considered one of the US states by the end of the fifties of the last century.

In the end, the United States achieved a lot of economic and military gains and thanks to Alaska, while Russia did not steal from the sale of the US state now, only about 7 million dollars, in addition to the regret that lasted more than a century and a half of time.

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