How do we wash our hands in a healthy way?

On October 15 every year, the world celebrates world hand washing day, which was celebrated for the first time in 2008, with the aim of raising awareness among people in general and children in particular about the importance of hand washing.

as an essential means of preventing infectious diseases such as diarrhoea, for example, alive Their washing according to research reduces the incidence of diarrhoea by almost half.

But we must learn the right and healthy way to wash your hands. Many do it normally on a daily basis, but unfortunately they do not do so in a healthy and safe way that guarantees them the prevention of diseases, and in the following lines we will offer you tips to ensure the washing of hands in a healthy and correct manner in The same time.

The washing time is not less than 20 seconds

Statistics from many researchers have confirmed that most people who wash their hands do not exceed that time of 7 seconds, while the hands need to be washed well to at least 20 seconds, and according to the Prevention center in the United States of America he has asked those who wash Their hands to sing the song “Merry Christmas” twice.

Wash all hand Parts

A lot of people are just rubbing their hands and they think they washed them well, but to ensure that they are clean, you should scrub well and make a good amount of foam, finger scrubs and both, as well as nails, disease prevention centers have confirmed that germs are hiding in those places in the hands.

Dry your hands well after washing

Some don’t care to dry his hands well after washing. This behavior is wrong because germs love to grow in humid places, and according to research and studies, drying hands with paper towels is much better than air dryers, and if necessary use the latter, you should expose your hands for a long time to those dryers.

Always wash your hands

Many wash hands only after bath or food and this is something that exposes them to the seriousness and diseases, where they must wash hands always, especially that the hard bodies that man always touches in his normal life both inside and outside the house is a surface covered with many germs, which lasts for a while Long because they do not die quickly on solid objects.

Use lukewarm water

As part of the celebration of world hand washing day, disease prevention experts urge everyone to wash their hands with lukewarm water, not hot, as some think is better for the skin of the hands and research has shown that there is no difference between it and the hot in the elimination of germs, nor do we forget the use of soap In that it is very necessary with water in the elimination of bacteria and the germs of the hands.

Purgatory is not necessary.

Some are used in hand washing disinfectant instead of soap or beside it this is not necessary, and there is no different effect on the use of soap only, so we must only water and soap, and they do not use a sufficient amount of disinfectant to wash hands, especially they use it instead of soap which makes For germs and bacteria remain alive.

Don’t hold on to solid surfaces after hand washing

We have to be careful, solid surfaces are a good place for the growth and life of germs, so we should not catch them to keep our hands clean until the faucets when closed after the washing of hands, it must be done by catching it with a piece of paper towels.

Put soap under running water before using it

It has been scientifically proven that bacteria and bacteria live and reproduce in the place where the soap is placed where the remains of wet soaps, so we had to use the soap first put it under running water, until it is cleaned of those bacteria stuck in it as a result of its presence in the soap residue located in a place Soap on the pelvis.

This was a number of medical and health advice on the occasion of the celebration of world hand washing day we can use to keep our hands clean and healthy, and reduce the chance of transmission of infectious diseases through germs and bacteria that live in hard and humid places.

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