How long one need to Fall in love?

Scientists have learned how long a person needs to fall in love or feel attracted to someone, and it’s shocking.

Scientists say the person does not need more than a third of a second to feel attracted to someone. The person determines the sex of a person within 244 milliseconds, and after 59 milliseconds decides to judge his attractiveness.

To achieve this result, a team of psychologists led by Professor Klaus Christian Carbon of the University of Bamberg monitored the brain activity of 25 university students when they saw 100 images, recorded their sex, and whether they were attractive.

“The speed at which evaluations are carried out after determining a person’s sex indicates that individuals are strongly guided by (sexual stereotypes) of what is considered attractive,” Professor Klaus was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail newspaper.

“It may be unfair, but the attractiveness of the face is the key in our daily lives,” he said. “Attractive adults are seen as smarter, and physically attractive people show greater satisfaction with their lives and happiness.”

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