How Long the trace of drugs stays in the blood?

Contrary to what may be prepared by many of the drug tests announced, that drugs of different types do not leave the distinctive chemical signature in the body for the same period of time, and with different methods of treatment, the body begins to get rid of the effects, and vary material from the other in the time you consume Out of the human body and the disappearance of its effects.

The chemical signature appears easily on the human body and appears in tests approved by international authorities to detect drug abuse, specifically in blood, urine and human hair, according to Science Alert.
Although hair-based drug tests are fairly accurate, blood and urine tests can not simply detect the vast majority of medicines, as long as they are not used for about a week.

Heroin, for example, is generally undetectable in urine after three to five days of use. Marijuana appears within 14 days in the blood and within 30 days in urine, and exceeds 3 months in hair analysis. The effect of alcohol in hair remains as well for three months and disappears from blood and urine after 12 hours of use. Morphine remains 8 hours in human blood and 6 Hours in urine and 3 months in hair.

LSD is the highest drug that disappears from the body within a few days of its use.

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