how to Learn any new skill within 20 hours?

Can you learn any skill within 20 hours? For many it is difficult, but a training expert sees it as possible and within reach.

The expert, Josh Kaufman, says that 4 small steps help a person to learn a new skill in just 20 hours,

He said that learning a new skill is athing and masters it is something else, stressing that the latter requires 10 thousand hours, equivalent to 7 years of work.

The new skills may be: a foreign language, a way of playing a device or playing a musical instrument.

The steps to learn skills by Kaufmann are as follows:

1. Dismantling the skill: Try to divide the skill into small pieces, skill in the end is a package of skills smaller, and division can identify the hardest and easiest parts.

2. Instant Start: Start practicing new skill immediately. Of course you will be wrong, and it is important to identify your imbalances and will also determine your method of learning the new skill.

3. Get rid of the messy things: When learning a new skill, it is best to stay away from things that distract attention, especially the Internet and television.

4. 20 hours per month: assign 45 minutes of your time each day for a month for the new skill. You will notice the development of your skill, and this step also helps to eliminate the “initial frustration” that affects humans while learning new things and in certain cases discourage them.

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