Huawei begins prosecuting U.S. government

Huawei filed a lawsuit at the Texas court against the US government demanding that the government abolish the unconstitutional ban on its products without a fair trial.

Huawei has stated in the lawsuit that the U.S. government has repeatedly failed to prove the charge of espionage and the threat of U.S. national security on Huawei and even charging Huawei to steal trade secrets is unclear and foggy to the moment where the company wants to contribute to this lawsuit to force the government to provide concrete evidence Prove the company’s involvement.

The ban would deprive fleeing American consumers, especially in rural areas, of access to the latest technology and face higher prices and a less competitive market, Huawei said in the lawsuit.

Huawei stated in the lawsuit that banning its products in the United States violates the US Constitution in detail as the Congress acted as a judge and jury without taking the company to court.

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