Huawei Connect 2018 offers Ascend 910 and Ascend 310 processor chips

Huawei launched its third Huawei Connect 2018 Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, China, and unveiled a new strategy to transfer artificial intelligence technologies to a higher stage to benefit the global community through the potential of technology development.

The company has announced two intelligent chips, the Ascend 910 and the Ascend 310, both of which offer great technologies targeting data centers and Internet-connected devices for consumers such as phones, smart watches and more.

The Ascend 910 is the first of its kind in the field of Internet Protocol and is dedicated to large data centers. It offers great computing and data processing capabilities faster than any competitor, according to the company, and provides many technologies to manage the business of different sectors.

The Ascend 310 is aimed at the consumer devices available to all users, such as intelligent phones and watches, Internet devices, and others, providing 16 different types of artificial intelligence solutions.

The company is targeting its new chips to compete with Qualcomm, nvidia, Intel and Samsung. It was clear from CEO Eric Shaw that the Ascend 910 chip is faster than any other chip on the market today .

Huawei’s bid to compete with big companies in this field is not recent, and it is even more powerful. As the company has entered a major competition in recent years with Samsung and Qualcomm in the field of phone processors with the processor Kirin on its phones.

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