Huawei has developed operating systems for its devices in anticipation of preventing them from using Android and Windows

Huawei Director, Richard Yu, said his company now owns an alternative operating system plan in anticipation of any advanced problems with the U.S. government banning companies there dealing with them, and Yu confirmed that his company has developed alternative operating systems for Android and Windows.

Huawei has been developing an operating system since 2012 for smartphones but now it is ready for use in case of emergency, where the company is engaged in a conflict with the US government because of its prohibition to work in the country and impose fines on it, as the US government has asked countries like Germany not to deal With Huawei, which made the company sue the U.S. government because of its abusive decisions.

In his statement to Die Welt, Yu added that the company is happy to work with the operating systems of Microsoft and Google, but is ready to face any incidents that prevent US companies from dealing with them and thus prevent them from using operating systems.

Although Huawei is ready for the consequences of preventing it from using operating systems by developing its own systems, it will suffer on the other provider of processors such as Intel and Qualcomm, especially as it uses Intel processors on its computers while Qualcomm provides the best alternative in the market, which means to prevent American companies to deal with it will force them to develop all the parts and processors themselves also when providing devices with powerful hardware.

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