Huawei operating system will be named Ark OS

After many conflicting reports over the past two weeks about Huawei’s operating system, the company has taken a step on the ground to prove how serious it is about this.

The latest reports contained in past capacities confirm that Huawei has requested the EU Office for Intellectual Property Rights to register the following trademarks: Huawei Ark OS, Huawei Ark, Ark and Ark OS are among the brands of Huawei.

This step directly hints at the name of the next operating system especially with an OS shortcut in the end to be the most likely alternative to the Android system on the Chinese company’s smartphones.

Except for the assertion that it’s working on a new operating system for smartphones Huawei has not announced any other steps not even a time frame to launch the system but the company is expected to remain with the Android system and opens a new line for the new system to be developed in a way to become mature enough.

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