Hurricane Florence The most powerful typhoon threatened America in more than half a century

The US East Coast is facing a severe hurricane, Florence, a fourth class hurricane, unprecedented for 60 years.

The hurricane carries heavy rains and strong winds of up to 209 km / h and reaches the east coast of the United States on Thursday.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster issued a forced eviction order for all residents of the coast.

according to him, about one million people will be forced to leave their homes. The hurricane will force some 300,000 people to leave their homes in North Carolina.

The first effects of Hurricane Florence have already surfaced, with sea water flowing into highways in the states that will hit it.

“One of the worst storms on the east coast in many years, it seems like a direct blow against the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia,” Trump said in a tweet at his official Twitter account.

He added: “Please be ready, cautious and safe.”

The US National Hurricane Center predicted that the tropical storm Florence would turn into a hurricane on its way to the US East Coast.

The center said the storm was regaining its strength to turn into a hurricane on Saturday night, while meteorological authorities warned that the storm would bring strong winds threatening life on the east coast of the United States before reaching land in the coming days, according to Reuters.
“Storm Florence is gathering strength over the Atlantic Ocean, 1340 kilometers south-east of Bermuda on Saturday and moving west at 11 kilometers an hour,” the California-based National Hurricane Center said.

Meteorological agencies said the storm would intensify rapidly on Sunday (September 9th) and turn by Monday into a major hurricane with winds of at least 179 km / h, with the National Hurricane Center reporting that the center of the storm would move between Bermuda and the Bahamas on Tuesday and Wednesday It is approaching the southeast coast of the United States on Thursday.

The exact course of the storm is not yet certain, but the National Hurricane Center said the risk of direct impact is increasing between Florida and North Carolina.

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