Hyundai Unveils Sonata 2020 in full detail

Finally, here is Hyundai revealing the details of the new generation of the full Sonata 2020.

The design of the sonata is not a secret the company previously unveiled, a new introduction bearing the fingerprints of European designers where the lamps are aligned with rounded curves and connected to the chrome line alongside the hood back to the car’s shoulder, or interior design looks like a quantum leap from the current generation in the center console Simple with a simple tilt towards the driver, the car carries a new steering wheel with a modern design. The sonata attracted the interest of the public as the Company recorded approximately 12,000 reservations upon disclosure.

The car is characterized by new technologies in its class of cars including the system of smart phone opening and remote movement in the parking and the Advanced blind spot control system that adds side cameras to monitor the car’s vehicle at the turn, and the car will be available with Bose high-performance audio system.

The new Sonata is currently available with only one engine, the 2.0-liter gasoline engine from the new Hyundai SmartStream engine family, the company has not disclosed its details, and the car will also be available with a 1.6-liter engine and later hybrid engines, and the company will begin to produce the highest category before all other categories of car in April with the launch of the car at the New York International Motor Show and will then reveal the details of the engines and other details.

Hyundai says the new Sonata is a futuristic sedan equipped with various sophisticated technologies and innovative design to change the scene on the road.

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