IBM develops a method for early detection of Alzheimer’s using artificial intelligence

IBM, a leader in associated technology and research, has discovered a new method that contributes to early detection of Alzheimer’s disease associated with memory loss problems. According to the company, the disease can be detected by artificial intelligence techniques associated with blood tests.

IBM’s method is to conduct blood tests and then analyze the blood sample to study the condition of proteins and other components using artificial intelligence, and after the results of the elements and their reactions and ratios can be found if there are introductions to the presence of the disease early.

The company says that its method of detecting the disease by blood test with the help of artificial intelligence techniques gives very early hints about the advent of the disease, i.e. it is much faster compared to computed tomography or brain scan to find out the atrophy of cells.

This is the first time for IBM in the field, but it has promised to help scientists and physicians better understand cases like Alzheimer’s.

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