In Japan.. Blood type defines personal and professional future!

Over time, the idea has taken root in Japanese society, and there are a lot of things being done on the basis of blood groups, marriage and compatibility between the two parties through it, and empowering the citizen there from certain jobs or important positions as well, which was apparent in 2011 when the Minister of Reconstruction resigned The Japanese Rio Matsumoto from office, after sensitive remarks about the Fukushima earthquake and accused the minister of blood type B.

This accusation was based on the fact that at the time officials were responsible for securing cities and buildings against earthquakes from the owners of that platoon, in Japan something strange and surprising at the same time, where they find them in a number of schools and kindergartens classify students to classes dependent on their blood factions.

Many companies and sports teams require that the citizen write his blood type in order to apply for the job or join the team, and distinguish them based on those factions, marriage and dating in many are also associated with the knowledge of those factions, and although there are no scientific studies confirmed the connection between the factions Blood and personality traits, but there is a firm belief among many Japanese that this is true.

But it remains the question that many ask for themselves: what are the personal traits of the different blood factions, on the basis of which the Japanese classify their citizens?

Personality traits linked to blood groups in Japan

Characteristics of a blood type a
It is said that people who have this type of blood are passionate, sensitive, calm, careful and cautious about any mistake, it is difficult to satisfy them, are obsessed with cleanliness, work hard, and try to reach in their work to perfection, they have a large percentage of anxiety and tension and are unable to relax, and the famous of this platoon Britney Spears, Ringo Star, Adolf Hitler.

Blood Type B Properties
Optimists, lovers of fun, adaptive, happy, fortunate, researchers, thinkers, creators, who tend to be individual, may at times be savages, and the celebrity of that platoon Leonardo DiCaprio and Jacques Nicholson.

Characteristics of the O platoon
The owner of that platoon is curious, ambitious, cautious, loyal, leadership, romantic, strong, often destructive, but passionate, stubborn, unorganized, and very jealous, and include the list of celebrities that Queen Elizabeth II, John Lennon, Elvis Presley and Paul Newman.

Characteristics of AB blood type
The character of the owners of this platoon is characterized as being cold, controlled, complex, mysterious, have an interest in different things, unique, have artistic inclinations, unpredictable, spiritual, delicate, rational, sociable, and include the list of their celebrities Marilyn Monroe and Mick Jagger.

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