In just 10 steps Discover your hidden talents and skills

It is difficult for a person to be born without talent, even if it is simple or invisible to those around him, but the real problem is that the owner of that talent does not discover his own skills, so he has to resort to a number of easy steps, which we list below.

Recall old dreams
In the beginning, all old dreams, whether in early childhood, school or university, must be recalled. What is needed is to remember and write them.

The second step involves dividing these dreams into two kinds. The first type is dreams and hopes of possessing something that you do not have at the present time, which we will ignore a little while the second type is dreams of reaching new things in life that have not been tested before.

feelingsĀ Test
In this step, remember one of the times when you see a feeling of intense enthusiasm when you see someone doing something, and you feel like you want to be in it. If you remember something like that, write it down.

The next step requires writing all interesting activities and hobbies in different stages of life, from childhood to the present.

Never get rid of some
Looking at everything you wrote, dreams and hobbies, start getting rid of things that are not as old as they are, an importance or a dream you want to achieve, you have to take care of those that feel you with enthusiasm as we mentioned in the third step when you imagine yourself doing it, The remaining score is 1 to 10.

Remove the least
You must now remove all things that have not achieved great numbers, as they have become old dreams, and are not currently reliable, so they do not need them now.

After we have some important dreams that still matter to us, is there something that is related to each other? If there are similar or similar dreams, please compile them under one item.

Now that dreams are divided into different groups, it is easy to name each group, which is often a name that refers to a talent.

Linking groups
Is the most important step, which requires a link between all those groups that seem to be different from reality. We always find that the existence of a group is supported by something in another group, the link between all.

Writing possibilities
After this step, you will produce several scenarios and different possibilities, write them down, then look at each probability and try to determine a degree based on his attractiveness for you from 1 to 10, and the probability of the highest degree is likely to be your real talent, which will make things easier for you, And determine your right destination in your career, to become happier than before.

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