inexpensive Technology to slowing global warming

Carbon Engineering has announced that its scientists have been able to develop inexpensive technology that can extract large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

The Canadian company has direct support from US billionaire Bill Gates and has announced in a new report that it can absorb a full tonne of CO2 for a cost not exceeding $ 100. The company is characterized by its low cost in air purification compared to the currently used technology which exceeds $ 600 per tonne of CO2. The Canadian company also aspires to a greater goal of the project, which is to obtain carbon-based liquid fuel for clean energy generation.

The origin of the invention is the world, Klaus Lackner, who created the same scientific idea in the 1990s, but its practical application was limited to some companies only.

Scientists doubt the effectiveness of previous technology in halting global warming because its causes are not limited to a high proportion of CO2 gas only. But without a doubt, the application of technology on a large international scale helps mitigate environmental pollution, slowing global warming

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