Iranian Women inside the stadiums for the first time .. video

Iranian activists published a video for Iranians women encouraging their national team in a match held on Monday between Iran and Bolivia at the stadium “Azadi ” west of the capital Tehran.

Massouma Ebtikar, assistant President Hassan Rouhani for Women and Family Affairs, commented on the video and wrote, today a group of women has been able to enter the Azadi Stadium to watch the games of Iran and Bolivia.

According to the Iranian Fars news Agency, 300 women attended the Azadi Stadium for the first time after four decades, where one aspect of the stadium was allocated to encourage the Iranian national team in this match.

The image of Iranian women in the stadium topped most of the Iranian newspaper headlines issued today, Wednesday, and was considered by the journal accreditation reformist The opening of the Azadi Stadium to women is a step forward.

The Iranian law forbids women from entering stadiums, and the authorities justify the fact that playgrounds are not suitable for women amid the presence of young people and that they may use morally bad expressions while encouraging, but with every match many women try to watch the games had to wear disguise as men.

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