Japan begins space elevator experiments to facilitate the future space tourism

A research team at Japan’s Shizuoka University and several other research institutions is preparing to test a new space project aimed at creating a “cosmic elevator” that enables humans to make space trips easier than currently used methods.

The idea of ​​the new project is based on the creation of earth-space cables that can be used to move a space elevator to and from Earth on regular flights, to be A major breakthrough in future of space travel.

Head of the space agency “Ross Cosmos” said : the possibility of damage to the vehicle  in space
is one of The project many challenges, including the manufacture of cables of materials that are characterized by high durability to withstand the enormous tensile strength, which is exposed, when it is stretched at very large distances separating the earth and space.

The test will be carried out on September 11, launching two small satellites in space, linked by 10 meters of length metal cable , while an experiment to test the possibility of dragging a small container in space similar to the idea of ​​the work of the traditional elevator, This experience will lead to major shifts towards the realization of the idea of ​​a future space elevator.

The spacecraft will be launched to the Tanigashima Space Station in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwest Japan, on Sept. 11.

“The idea of ​​creating a space elevator is reasonable and may make traveling to space a normal thing in the future at little cost compared to the current situation,” said Yuji Ishikawa, head of the research team. “The most important challenge is the ability of cables to resist high-energy cosmic rays.

If the project succeeds, it is expected that the speed of the container will move from Earth to space at 200 kilometers per hour, and that it will last about 8 days until it reaches space, while the cable is estimated to be about 100,000 kilometers and the cost of constructing it 90 Billion dollar.

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