Joaquin Phoenix loses a lot of weight in preparation for the Joker

The American actor, Joaquin Phoenix, began his own preparations to portray the villain from the DC comics, “the Joker” in a new film.

the 43-year-old Phoenix, was spotted in New York City on Wednesday and appeared to be losing weight as he extended his hair for the role, according to People magazine.

The Warner Bros. Film Production Company officially confirmed in July that it was stabilizing the Oscar nominee actor, Akin Phoenix, to make “the Joker” in a separate film.

Warner Bros. described The Joker as “exploring a man ignored by society, not just a courageous personal study, but also a very wide-ranging warning story.”

The American production company did not explain whether the new film was inspired by the novel “Batman: The Killing Joke”, which tells the origins of the joker, who worked as a failed monologue, making jokes that were not funny and the circumstances that led him to become one of the most dangerous criminals Madness in the history of comics.

Joaquin Phoenix did not hide his fear of the Joker character in the new film, saying it had a broad audience base, making him anxious to satisfy the expectations of his fans and fantasies to embody his favorite evil, he told Colliers magazine in July.

Warner Bros. announced that it had contracted with American actor Alec Baldwin to portray the role of Bruce Wayne’s father or superhero Batman in the new Joker movie.

The character has been on the screen before and been performed by great actors like Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger and Jared Leto.

According to “IMDB”, “The Joker” is expected to be released in cinemas on October 4, 2019.

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the new trailer is here>>

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