Joaquin Phoenix turns into the joker in a video

The video published by co-directed by US director Todd Phillips on Friday, sparked a storm of speculation about his new film, which for the first time addresses the origins of the joker, the most evil character of the world of comics.

Phillips, shared a video of his account on Instagram as a “camera test” of the American actor, Joaquin Phoenix, and gradually turns into the joker, the arch enemy of Batman, in the new film.

The video is about to get a million hits on Instagram, after it was put on the popular social networking site yesterday.

Many of the comments wondered whether the make-up of Joaquin Phoenix at the end of the video was final or temporary, especially as he embodied in a stage of the work a failed comedian before becoming a joker.

It is also seen that director Todd Phillips is quick to give glimpses of his new film “The Joker,” fearing that it will eventually disappoint the public, especially since it is still too early to be released in October 2019.

Todd Phillips, who was famous for directing “The Hangover”, took part in the first picture of his character in the film last week, before turning into “The Joker,” which is named “Arthur”.

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Camera test (w/ sound). Joker.

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