Kia unveils all-new soul 2019

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Kia has unveiled the new generation of its distinctive soul with a conservative look at the uniqueness of the car and the technologies that keep pace with the times.

With one look you’ll notice that soulĀ  2020 has a taut athletic design. The front features slender lamps and a large sporty front grille, while the electric class features a lower-intensity interface and a front charging socket, while the lateral design preserves the classic soul style while the background has a new design consisting of Rear windshield lamps and intermediate exhaust vents.

The interior design looks classic with its broad outlines and the position of the controllers and driving. But it has modern technologies including a 10.25-inch entertainment system equipped to connect to smartphones, soul comes with an 8-inch HUD windshield display and loads 10 speakers for the audio system.

Kia Soul 2020 will be available in multiple engines including a 2.0-liter engine that produces 147 hp connected to a manual transmission or CVT transmission, and the GT class is available with a 1.6-liter engine that produces 201 hp and connects to a clutch conveyor. The electric class will carry 64-kilowatt-hour batteries and a 204-horsepower power drive.

Seoul 2020 will be available in the European market exclusively in the electric category, global markets will get fuel engines alongside the electric class, and Kia will reveal more about Seoul’s details before it is released to markets later next year.

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