Kia unveils “Imagine” 21-screen test vehicle

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Kia unveiled its new Imagine electric test car at the Geneva International Motor Show with a unique design and the company relied on the new design language “Tiger Mask” where it previously relied in its designs on the “Tiger Nose”.

The front end came with LED lights in the shape of the tiger eyelids, as stated by the company with the presence of the engine hood, and the car comes with an extended front windshield, and the company inspired the design of the taillights from her car steinger, and the test vehicle got 22-inch wheels.

The interior of the car is the most surprising, it holds 21 screens on the dashboard but do not expect to see these screens on the production vehicle, as Mr. Ralph Cluj, general manager of the interior design of the company Kia that adding screens in this way is a comic reaction because of the continuous competition between some companies a For cars to see who can produce a larger screen car.

It is difficult to determine the category of the car it comes between crossover and the sedan the company stated that the car does not belong to any category, and Kia co-operated its future plans so that it wants to provide 16 electric cars by 2025.

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