Leaking the first episode of the Last season of “Game of Thrones ” reveals a great surprise

New press releases revealed the surprises of the first episode of the eighth and final “Game of Thrones”, scheduled to be presented in April April next year.

The British newspaper “The Independent” published a report on recent leaks, related to the first episode of the last season of the “Game of Thrones “.

The British newspaper referred to the recent leak by the American network “HP or “, showing the list of representatives participating in the first episode of the famous saga.

The list of representatives participating in the first episode of the “Game of Thrones ” saw the participation of some 30 key personalities, centred on the previous sections, such as Peter Dinkelag (Tyrone Lanster), Nokolaj Koster (Jaime Linsteter), Latina Hardy (Cersei lanster), and so on personalities Prominent.

But the first surprise that will amaze all montazeri the first episode of the last “Game of Thrones “, is the emergence of two personalities who had thought everyone had died in the last episode of the seventh season.

The two figures to be shown are Christopher Hitgap (Tormond) and Richard Dromer (Brick Dondion), who disappeared at the end of the seventh season after the attack on the “the Night King ” on the “wall ” by the dragon who turned into a king of the night, the leak said.

The second surprise in the first episode of the eighth “Game of Thrones” is the failure to show the name Vladimir Ford, which embodies the character of the “the Night King “, which raises a lot of questions about the reason for the absence of a key figure in the saga in that episode.

For her part, actress Lina Hardy, in remarks to the site “van Sidd ” Playing the role of Cersei Lanster, about her participation in the last season, saying “It was wonderful, I can’t believe how this whole thing ended.”

“I will sign many and chase many during the last season, and I think that surprises will not stop in the eighth season of the Game of Thrones, the viewer will find a surprise at every turn of the season.”

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