Learn from Melania Trump how to wear jacket draped over shoulders style

  • Melania Trump

The first American lady, Melania Trump, appeared in Cairo on Saturday, with a distinctive look, wearing wide leggings, a blouse and a tie. She put on her favorite piece of jacket, the so-calledĀ  “jacket draped over shoulders”.

This style, which began to emerge from 2015, is Milania’s favorite, giving the person a youthful and modern look.

There was a lot of controversy in the United States, when Melania wore a jacket from this style coast over $ 50,000 when she visited Sicily last year.

The first lady of America seems to have a lot of experience in wearing a jacket over her shoulder.

She has never changed the criteria of wearing the jacket, which is the cloth of the piece she wears must be from different fabricĀ than the jacket’s, so as not to fall easily with the movement , In addition to the fact that the jacket is must be loose to settle on the shoulders.

Also, when wearing a “jacket draped over shoulders”, you should use a small hand-held bag instead of shoulder bags.

And last The length of the jacket should be appropriate for what is to be worn below. With trousers, the jacket should be short.

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