Lexus is the most reliable car company for the eighth consecutive year

As we are accustomed every year, research was conducted by the American J.D. Power organization to study the most reliable automobile companies.

Every year, the research center will ask all car owners in the United States of America about all the faults that have occurred in their cars in the last 3 years. For the 2019 study, 32,952 car owners who bought their cars in 2016.

For this year’s study, Lexus, for the eighth consecutive year, is still the most reliable automobile company, followed by Porsche and Toyota equivalent. While both Land Rover, Volvo, and Fiat remained the worst and least reliable. The¬†J.d.power¬†organization revealed that all automobile companies are the vehicles of their cars as compared to previous years except Chrysler, which remained unchanged and without any development.

While Porsche 911 got the title of the best reliable car among all categories.

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