List of cars that quickly lose it’s value and cars that retain their value over time

Yula Auto, a specialist in automotive affairs, has published a list of vehicles that lose much of their priceafter a period of time from purchase.

At the top of the list of cars that are worth less than a year after their purchase time, the luxury Genesis G80 comes from Hyundai, with statistics showing that they are sold almost 54% cheaper than their purchase price.

The second place on the list was by Mercedes class C cars, which lose 38% of its value in the market after a year of purchase.

In the third place came Mercedes-Benz V, which is about 29% less expensive than when it the time it was purchased at.

On the other hand, the agency published a list of some cars that do not lose much value after a year of purchase, topped the list Nissan Almera, followed by Renault Megane, Hyundai ix35, Mitsubishi Lancer and Chevrolet Spark “.

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