LoJax, a Russian virus can not be deleted even throw formatting your hard drive

A US newspaper claimed that a group of computer hackers associated with Russian Government invented a terrible electronic weapon.

According to The Daily Piste, the hackers made what it called “the fictional bear”, a new malware that can not be eliminated even by reprogramming the infected computer.

“If Putin’s virus hits you, it’s useless to clean your computer,” the newspaper said.

The author of the article claimed that the new malicious program, which can only be eliminated through the disposal of your device prepared by the Russian military intelligence.

The experts, who discovered the “Putin virus” from the European company ESET, called it LoJax.

The author also claimed that the evolving malicious program reveals that the Kremlin continues to invest in hackers.

The US company “Microsoft” announced last week about the attempts of hackers from the Internet, “the fictional bear” to intervene in the US elections.

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