Manchester United may let Mourinho go after Newcastle game

Manchester United players have been hurt by coach Jose Mourinho’s persistent criticism and are now ready to stop him from staying at the club, according to an internal source.

According to the site of the newspaper “Mirror”, an unnamed source from the club confirmed that the dismissal of Mourinho “inevitable” after the match ended with Newcastle United on Saturday night, regardless of the result.

Mourinho seems to have lost support from the dressing room entirely. The source said the players had “hurt” them with Mourinho’s words, which weakened their self-confidence, which allowed the club to lose.

The source also said that some players believe that it is too fast to point fingers to the team, and should be personally responsible for the lean level of the team.

The Red Devils have not won in the last four games, putting a huge strain on the Portuguese coach.

Mourinho has clashed several times with Frenchman Paul Pogba and stripped him of the captain’s post. He also criticized England’s Markus Rushford, Chilean Alexis Sanchez and Ecuadorian Antonio Valencia for their positions.

Manchester United officials on Saturday denied news of the dismissal, calling it “empty talk,” according to Sky Sports.

Manchester United host Newcastle at Old Trafford on Saturday night, in a face that looks “easy” on paper, but it can carry a lot.

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