Manchester United: Solskjaer is the successor to Mourinho

Manchester United club announced its temporary contract with the Norwegian OLE Solskjaer, a technical coach of the team to replace former artistic director Jose Mourinho.

Manchester United website was mistakenly announced by the team’s temporary technical coach , who will succeed Jose Mourinho in leading the group until the end of the season today.

Although the club management did not want to announce the name of the temporary technical Director 48 hours before the dismissal of Mourinho, the site was a race in the disclosure of the name, publishing a video of the Norwegian goal in the Champions League final 1999 against Bayern Munich, titled: “The most famous night of the first”, while he commented : «Solskjaer becomes temporary coach director after 20 seasons of the triple nail with this goal at Camp Nou Stadium.

Although the news was not confirmed by the management of the Red Devils, the assertion came from the prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, who tweeted: «A great day for the Norwegian football, good luck in controlling the Red Devils OLE Solskjaer».

Solskjaer holds the title of “Super Variant”, as he used his career in Old Trafford to sit on the bench before entering the encounter to turn his events around.

The Norwegian does not have much experience in the world of training, as he began his training career under the leadership of Manchester United from 2008 to 2011, before returning to his country to lead a three-year-old team also, returning to Britain to train Cardiff City only for half a season, to return again to Norway to lead a team The youth club KLOSNINGN for two seasons, while he returned to lead his birth again in October 2015, while still to the moment coach of the Norwegian team, even announced the renewal of his contract on the third of this month December 2018 until 2021.

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