Mazda unveils CX-30 the smallest SUV

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Mazda unveiled its newest CX-30 SUV and the competition for mid-sized cars of its class.

Mazda CX-30 comes a larger size than CX-3 but is smaller than CX-5, so why not simply call it Mazda CX-4? The answer is according to Mazda that it uses the CX-4 name of the car in the Chinese market. Explanation is unclear from Mazda. In any case, the CX-30 has a fashionable design from Mazda with a sporty front with sharp lamps and a wide front grille, in the back the car comes with lamps that incorporate the design of circular lamps with a tight design.

The car has a sleek interior design featuring a floating mid-screen with a simple set of control buttons beneath it, a traditional central console that puts the controls at the driver’s fingertips, and a steering wheel that holds metal controls and a digital instrument panel.

Mazda did not disclose the exact engine details, and the vehicle is expected to carry various engines including SKYACTIV-X engine, diesel engines and possibly hybrid M-hybrid classes.

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