Michael Storm is about to reach America

A tropical storm is likely to form in the northwest of the Caribbean on Sunday evening, bringing in high waves and heavy rains to the Gulf of Mexico by the middle of the week, the US National Hurricane Center said.

The center said in a note early in the morning that it was too early to predict the force of the storm but would cause heavy rain and floods in Central America, western Cuba and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in the coming days, according to Reuters.

The storm was about 450 kilometers south-southwest of the western tip of Cuba at 2 am EDT (0600 GMT), the National Weather Service said, adding that the storm’s wind speed was 55 kilometers per hour.

If this tropical storm is formed, it will be named Michael, the next name on the hurricane center list.

Winds are expected to ease as the storm moves northeast toward the states of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina and will arrive in North Carolina by Thursday.

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