Microsoft Excel on Android supports inserting a spreadsheet from an image

Yesterday, the annual Ignite conference was launched from Microsoft with many news about the company’s services and products. The conference will run until September 28, and the conference will bring a number of product announcements targeted primarily to IT and corporate customers. Acquire mobile phones, specifically the new feature got the application of Excel  on Android app only.

This feature is named “Insert Data from Picture” and works exactly as its name implies, as it will support the inclusion of a spreadsheet from an image.

In other words, the application will give you the possibility to take a picture of a hand-drawn or printed spreadsheet and convert it directly into an in-app spreadsheet The application has some artificial intelligence capabilities, including new data types, and the creation of easier visuals such as maps.

This update is now available in the preview version and will be officially accessible to all users within the next few days or weeks, and we will be on time, and there will be more conference news because it will end in a few days.

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