Microsoft market value exceeds Apple to become the world’s most expensive brand

For the first time in eight years, Microsoft managed to bypass its counterpart Apple at the total market value, with the value reaching $812.93 billion, while the second was followed by a market value of $812.60 billion.

It is worth saying that this title or market value is temporary, but nevertheless it is considered an opportunity to compete between the two companies, especially since Apple managed to bypass Microsoft for the first time in 2010 and then the latter declined a lot, but its return to the higher market value reflects its recent significant work by providing services and diversified techniques to rival companies like Yahoo and Apple on top after a noticeable decline in the current decade.

Apple has experienced a recent shake-up due to its sales of declining shares of about $300 billion after having already surpassed the trillion about 3 months ago.

On the other hand, Microsoft has succeeded in returning to the top position through its services, operating systems and devices, but away from the market of smartphones in which it failed and decided to get out of it.

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