Mohamed Dewji: The kidnapped billionaire in Tanzania Back home safely

A Tanzanian billionaire, Mohamed Dewji, was released by gunmen 10 days after he was kidnapped in Dar es Salaam City.

Mohamed Dewji wrote on the account of his company : “Praise be to God, I returned to my home unharmed,” and thanked the Tanzanian police for their efforts as he thanked all those who sympathized with him and called him across the world.

It was not known whether the 43-year-old billionaire had paid a ransom or that the police had concluded it from the kidnappers ‘ hands.

Gunmen kidnapped Dewji in front of the Colosseum Hotel on October 11 October, when he came out for morning exercises.

His family offered about 440,000 dollars to those who provided information that would save him from the kidnappers ‘ hands.

Forbes magazine estimates the wealth of Mohamed Dewji at about $1.5 billion, the youngest billionaire in Africa.

The Tanzanian Minister of the Environment, a friend of Dewji, wrote on his Twitter account that he spoke to the billionaire and his father.

He said the kidnappers left Dewji in a field near Dar es Salaam, the country’s economic capital.

The billionaire is believed to be healthy, but he has bruises on his hands and legs, which are the fetters that set him up.

Mohamed Diouji was a member of Parliament from the ruling party for 10 years, until 2015.

The billionaire succeeded in transforming his family’s trade from wholesale and retail in Tanzania into a huge entity with branches across the entire African continent.

Its activities include textile manufacturing, grain milling, beverages and edible oils, in at least 6 African countries.

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