Momo Challenge gets big attention, YouTube and celebrities comments

Supermodel and star American reality TV, Kim Kardashian, launched a warning to their audience and parents, about the scary game “Momo “.

Through her account of “Instagram “, the “YouTube ” Social networking site, she called for a reduction in the publication of videos across his platform, related to children challenging the game “Momo ” killer, and asked them to watch their children about what they were watching.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” details about the recent appearance of the game “Momo “, via many social networking sites “youtube ” and “YouTube Kids “.
One of the videos starts innocently, for example the beginning of the Peppa Pig episode, but quickly turns into a modified version with violence and abusive language.

According to the site, this game seems to encourage self-harm and even suicide.

The management of the site “YouTube ” responded to the demands of Kim Kardashian, that they are dealing with the reports I have reported in earnest.

“Okay One more thing: If you’ve been YouTube and you’ve 18 million IG followers your response should be more than a screenshot of Kim Kardashian’s baseless, fear-mongering post with a link to your statement that makes the look like Momo was ever a legit, Issue.https.”

— Madison Malone Kircher (@ 4evrmalone) February 28, 2019

In his first response to the “Momo game “, spread across his platform as the reports and parents allege, “YouTube ” issued a statement through his official account on the site “Twitter “, confirming that the company did not see evidence showing the existence of videos promoting Momo’s challenge and asked anyone to show this content to inform the company immediately.

“We want to clear something up regarding the Momo Challenge: We’ve seen no recent evidence of videos promoting the Momo Challenge on YouTube. Videos encouraging harmful and dangerous challenges are against our policies.”

— YouTube (@YouTube) February 27, 2019

When children participate in the “Momo Challenge”, they communicate with a frightening form called “Momo “, asking them to accomplish many tasks through the application of “WhatsApp “, if they want to avoid the curse, including those that involve hurting themselves, and often ends the challenge of asking/”Momo ” of the participants to kill themselves, record it and share it through social media.

Despite the claims “YouTube ” and “WhatsApp ” that there is no evidence of real challenges from “Momo ” across their platforms, he has informed parents around the world about their children who express their fear of the personality of “Momo “.

A mother named Pearl Woods told the American network “CBS ” that her 12-year-old daughter was autistic and began to show serious behaviors, such as running a gas stove after watching the video “Momo “.

“My daughter could have blown up the apartment, maybe she could have hurt herself and other people,” Woods said.

A mother from Florida also participated in pictorial evidence, about similar disturbing messages you found in animated episodes on the YouTube Kids website, dedicated to children.

The original image of the fearsome “Momo ” is traced to a statue carved by the name of “flying Mother” by Japanese artist Kisoki Ayawa, which was exhibited in 2016 at the Vanilla Show in Tokyo.

There is no evidence that the company’s “link Factory” has been involved in the creation or implementation of the “Momo Challenge”.

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