Money from sky raises panic in Hong Kong residents .. Video

The holiday season arrived early this year in Hong Kong city after a businessman dispersed dollars from a roof in a poor folk neighborhood.

A variety of videos of the moment the person dropped money from a building showed panic and chaos among the residents who immediately took up the paper money that was pouring in as winter in the neighborhood.

The popular frenzy was followed by the fact that all residents of the neighbourhood realized that there were money falling from the roof of a building, and residents were divided between those who rushed down the building to get them and others who climbed on the roofs of other buildings to get them before they fell down.

The police intervened to stop the phenomenon and demanded that the residents hand over the captured money.

“The man behind this video is believed to be the owner of a company ” The “Kritokoclochen”, which encourages the circulation of digital assets over the Internet, and the youth also participated in a number of positions found to be in possession of large piles of money, and the authorities seem to be looking forward Now to prove its origin.

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