Nasa discovers life on Mars

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Scientists from the U.S. agency NASA discovered a life on Mars, after finding growing fungi and algae on the red planet.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Express”, a group of algae and plants and fungi were filmed on Mars, by the vehicle “Curiosity rover “.

Pictures of 15 specimens in the form of mushrooms show that these organisms grow more and emerge from beneath the red sands of the planet Mars.

Dr. Vincenzo Rizzo, biologist at the National Research Council, said that seasonal fluctuations in Mars methane are an additional proof of life.

He added: “90% of terrestrial methane has biological origin and seasonal fluctuations in atmospheric methane are directly linked to plant growth and death cycles, and cyclical fluctuations in Mars methane are a reflection of the active biology that emerges — also before and after images of samples that Nasa has portrayed.”

NASA concluded that there was a strange life growing on Mars, after a large number of scientific studies in this matter.

Scientists have been preoccupied for hundreds of years in verifying the existence of life on Mars, since the Italian astronomer Giovanni Chiabarelli turned his telescope into the red Planet, making him the first man to draw the Martian map.

Chiabarelli noted the dark areas, supposedly the sea, which have a linear advantage of hundreds of kilometers, called “canals “.

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