NASA finds Opportunity Mars’s lost ship

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NASA has been able to locate the spacecraft “Opportunity”, which was lost for months on Mars after a huge dust storm.

The Orbiter picked up a picture last week 166 miles (267 km), showing the vehicle as a small point.

A dust storm blocked the sunlight from reaching the solar panels of the Opportunity vehicle, stopping contact with it since last June.

Although the storm has ended, the vehicle remains silent without any signals.

NASA has repeatedly tried to contact the vehicle, but acknowledged that the 15-year-old vehicle could not go beyond long-term power cuts.

The engineers involved in the mission hoped that the Mars astronaut would wake up as soon as the storm subsided. But after months of silence, they recently confessed to failing to awaken them.

Trying to keep their spirits high and inspire the wake-up probe, the team drafted a new playlist to start each day of Mars from the control room.

The list includes 18 songs, including “Wake Me Before You Go”, “Here Comes the Sun” and “Keep Yourself Alive”.

There has been no sign of the sleeping vehicle since June 10, and it is unclear if she will wake up or not.

At the end of last month, NASA said it would have an additional 45 days to connect to the vehicle, but the space agency indicated that the vehicle might not be recovered permanently.