Natural blends for eyelash condensation

Every female wants to appear gorgeous and attractive because it makes her feel cheerful and increases her confidence in herself, and many women resort to cosmetics and eyelashes to maintain the wonderful look, but this is very stressful and some artificial eyelashes leave an uncomfortable sensation when glued to the eyelid, there Some herbs and natural mixtures that help to intensify and lengthen the hair of the eyelashes naturally and gradually the condition of regularity in the placement of the mixture and follow the instructions.

– Olive oil
The best natural oils that contain vitamin and acids that stimulate hair follicles on density and height, as olive oil helps to become the color of the eyelashes darker than before. You can use an old “mascara” tray, put olive oil in it or just cotton, where dip a small piece of it with olive oil, the eye and eyelashes are flushed and left all night in the morning, washed with lukewarm water and preferably on a daily basis for a month to get satisfactory results.

– Green Tea
Boil a cup of green tea and set aside to cool completely and then dip Cotton piece in the tea then wipe your eye and blink and roots in it and leave the Cotton piece for at least 15 minutes before washing with water and preferably repeat the recipe three times a day for two months to get the desired results.

– Coconut milk
Put the coconut milk by a small Cotton piece on the eyelash and leave it for two hours before washing it with water, repeat the recipe once daily and for a month, coconut milk has calcium, proteins and vitamins necessary to lengthen the hair of the eyelashes and ideally intensify.

– Lemon peel
The dry lemon peel contains wonderful vitamins and powerful in the intensification of eyelashes hair and this by putting a little olive oil and castor oil and dried lemon peel and let it soak the whole night and then put the oils in the box “mascara” old and grease the eyelashes daily and leave them all night and washed in the morning and for a Less than two months.

– Eggs
The egg is mixed with some glycerin and mix well and by Cotton piece of the mixture put on the eyelashes three times a day, and leave it for 15 minutes before washing with lukewarm water.

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