Natural ways to treat tooth decay

Many believe that tooth decay only means the use of complex and long-term treatment methods, which confirms modern scientific studies completely reversed, suggesting that there are natural and simple ways to treat tooth decay at home, including this aspect.

Resort to Natural oils
This method helps to treat tooth decay, as well as to get rid of bad breath, bleeding gums, where oils such as sesame, sunflower and coconut work to resist bacteria that are simply harmful to the teeth.

It is recommended to gurgle with a spoon of one of these oils, for at least 5 minutes, up to 20 minutes at the beginning, then spit the oil before washing the mouth with warm water, and before washing the teeth in the usual way later.

Distance from sugars
In the case of tooth decay, the intake of sugars must be avoided immediately, as the most important food for bacteria, and it also negatively affects the shape of the teeth, with the high acidity.

It is therefore advisable to rely on the sugary stevia plant, or pure honey, to sweeten the dishes, instead of sweets and soda, which are strongly threatened by the teeth.

Avoid the sources of fitic acid
This acid is available with seeds, nuts, grains and beans, which is a dangerous acid on the tooth that increases its decay, and even threatens the health in general, as it is indicated that it stands for the ability of the body to attract the necessary elements, and minerals that are not indispensable, such as beneficial calcium.

Therefore, you should not rely on eating foods that are completely containing it, and in that particular period.
Intake of calcium and nutrients
Raw dairy products contain high proportions of highly important vitamins and minerals for teeth, resistant to strong decay, such as K2 and D3 vitamins, and phosphorus, magnesium and calcium minerals, which improve the health of the teeth, by enhancing the flow of fluid inside the mouth, alerting to The importance of eating raw cheese, goat milk, and organic butter.

Also please note that there are some herbs and spices, such as garlic, turmeric, salt, licorice, which can prevent tooth decay.

What confirms that this disease, which is common and stressful for many people around the world, can be treated very simply when you are at home.

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