New Apple technology protects against phone tracking

The company “Apple ” has obtained a patent on the way to encrypt signals sent between mobile towers and users ‘ phones.

The British newspaper “Telegraph ” reported that technology giant and smartphones “apple ” developed the new technology to protect users from the authorities.

The police force in the United Kingdom was using a device-tapping programme to intercept telephone waves, known as “stringrass”.

These programs deceive smartphones by appearing as telephone towers and communicate with them, and then the police can locate the phone, listen to calls and even read messages, according to “Telegraph “.

A report revealed that the new “apple ” technique is synthesising a telephone identification number that is required when communicating with network towers, which makes the phones untraceable and protects them from being tapped by the police.

The report indicated that the “apple ” technique would not prevent the police from accessing the messages.

Police objected to the measure, saying that “this encryption will allow terrorists to plan attacks and overcome the ability of the police to locate them.”

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