New video of Monica Lewinsky and bill Clinton on the day of the scandal

A new video released by the Clinton Library recently showed former US President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky at the White House in 1997 on the same day as the biggest sexual scandal in America.

The video shows the former president delivering the weekly radio address on Feb. 28, 1997, and then greeting the audience at the Oval Office.

In the footage, Clinton spoke to Lewinsky, who was working as an apprentice at the White House, for seconds, then put his hand on it for a souvenir. Lewinsky also appeared following the president’s speech with the audience.

Many of the photos were publicized that day, but it was the first time that video footage had been published.

The Clinton Library did not comment on the reason for the video, but its YouTube address indicated that it was broadcast in response to a request based on the Freedom of Information Act of the United States.

A report on the Star Report website revealed that the sexual relations scandal between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the White House was the same day the former president delivered his radio address.

Lewinsky acknowledged oral sex with Clinton in the Oval Office. The former president initially denied but later admitted at a news conference that he had lied to the American people.

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