Nigerian separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu appears in Israel one year after his disappearance

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Nnamdi Kanu, the disappeared Nigerian separatist leader, appeared in Israel more than a year after the soldiers raided his home.

In a broadcast through his banned Radio Biafra radio station, Kanu said yesterday “I am in Israel.”

An online video was also distributed to the leader of the community of “Biafra natives” while praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Kanu holds both Nigerian and British citizenship, and says he is Jewish.

In last February, his wife told the BBC that she believed the government knew where her husband was.

Kanu was convicted in 2015 on charges of “conspiracy, intimidation and membership of a banned group”, charges for which he was charged with treason.

He was released on bail after 19 months without charge of high treason.

But he returned and renewed his campaign for secession before the army raided his home in the province of Apia.

Who is Nnamdi Kanu?

He was a relatively unknown figure until 2009, when he founded the station “Radio Biafra ” Calling for secession and broadcasting from London.

He founded the “Biafra natives ” party in 2014 with the aim of pushing for the secession of Biafra province. In some of his statements, he called on the people of Biafra to take up arms against the state.

But the plans for the independence of Biafra province are not new. In 1967, indigenous leaders declared Biafra province as an autonomous province, and the declaration sparked a brutal civil war that killed some 1 million people and ended up defeating the separatists.

Nnamdi Kanu Relationship with Israel

Kano said in his radio address that he was still pushing towards a popular referendum on the independence of Biafra province.

He also urged his followers to boycott the elections in Nigeria next year, unless the government would acquiesce to a popular referendum.

“Our party will free Biafra and we will not participate in any elections until we have a referendum, it is not negotiable, and we will do it by any means possible,” Kanu said.

He added, “I condemn the state of Israel to my salvation,” and said that the Israeli intelligence service, “Mossad”, provided him with help, without explaining the mechanism he helped him with.

It is not known how Kanu was able to reach Israel, especially since he handed over his Nigerian and British passports after his arrest.

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