“Ninebot Gokart” is the last product from Xiaomi

Xiaomi recently reviewed a distinctive electric vehicle dedicated to fans of small racing cars go-kart.

The vehicle has a collapsible structure that can easily be moved into a car trunk, designed for a child, or even an adult weighing up to 100 kg and 190 cm long.

“Ninebot Gokart” is based on rear-wheel drive, which can also be obtained using the Ninebot Mini and Ninbot MiniPRO engines produced by Xiaomi, and will therefore be between 8 and 24 km / h.

The vehicle is also equipped with a manual brake to the right of the driver as in normal cars, and a system that allows it to go back and wrap in all directions in the narrowest places, to be suitable to play even in the halls and closed playgrounds.

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